Fishway Construction

Greenworks have successfully delivered a number of large scale fishway projects including a concrete baffle fishway on the Maribyrnong River, the first of its kind in Victoria.

Fishways, also known as fish ladders or fish passes, are structures placed on or around constructed barriers (such as dams or weirs) to give fish the opportunity to migrate.

There are a number of different types of fishways being used today across the natural resource management industry including pool type (including vertical slot) and rock ramp fishways. Greenworks has experience in the construction and rehabilitation of both these types of fishways.

Each fishway site has unique requirements and possible solutions, so we work closely with our clients and natural resource managers to reach a solution that combines best practice standards along with technical know-how and environmental sensitivity.


Fishway Construction

Cardinia Creek Fishway Construction

Fishway Construction

Brimbank Park Keilor – Maribyrnong River Fishway

Fishway Construction

Dandenong Creek, Pillars Road Fishway in Bangholme.

Are you looking for a unique solution for the successful migration of native fish species?

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